ExproSoft is a global leader in well integrity management, data modelling and simulation. The WellMaster and Miriam RAM Studio software suite provides data driven performance analytics for the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry and process industries. For over 30 years, WellMaster has helped oil and gas operators increase well uptime and reduce operational cost, while maintaining a safe operation that is compliant with corporate and government guidelines. 

WellMaster is a state-of-the-art software suite for well integrity management and reliability analytics. Utilized by operators globally, the cloud-based software provides superior overview of well portfolio, extensive analytics and reporting capabilities, and a solution for predicting well failures based on data simulations. WellMaster can easily make use of data from other in-house systems, and turn data into invaluable insight for decision making.

Miriam RAM Studio is the next-generation flow simulator, with unprecedented usability and computing power. The cloud based solution boasts a built-in Flow Allocation Algorithm that automatically optimizes the process simulation to maximize flow. Furthermore, the system allows user collaboration, on-the-fly simulation during modelling, and an array of RAM modelling functionality, such as logistics, unlimited flow products, yielding, and more.

Company history

ExproSoft was established in 2001, as an out-spring from the Sintef research society in Trondheim, Norway. The basis for the company was improving TR-SCSSV (DHSV) performance based on statistical analysis of historical reliability. The project, WellMaster, was initiated by a group of operators in the North Sea, with collection of data ranging back to the early 1980s. On request from the operators, WellMaster was commercialized by ExproSoft in 2001 and has expanded its reach to cover offshore and onshore operations globally.

In 2016, ExproSoft acquired Miriam RAM Studio to further strengthen our competitive advantages in advanced data analytics and simulation.

Sustainable Development

ExproSoft is commited to the sustainable development goals that define global sustainable development priorities and aspirations for 2030.

Privacy Policy

Our websites (www.exprosoft.com and www.miriamramstudio.com) are set up specifically to provide information about and market our software solutions and services. In order to do so, we track user behavior to improve our content, layout, and design of the website. Furthermore, we allow users to identify themselves through website forms, and thus provide is the consent to initiate a dialogue. Under no circumstances will we sell or distribute the data we have captures on our website users, prospects, or clients.

Specifically we use:

  • Google Analytics to track website usage in order to improve our user experience,
  • Salesfusion to identify users by location, ISP, etc., and provide the option to contact us through forms,
  • Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn Remarketing, and Google Analytics to potentially provide targeted marketing to website users
  • Salesforce to store dialogue with identified prospects

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