Client: Aker BP
Location: Norwegian Continental Shelf

Aker BP noticed how the current logging av valve tests was conducted inefficiently, and with possibilities for human error.


Valve test results are vital information for the well integrity engineers, and of out-most importance to log timely with the correct results. At Aker BP,  the tests conducted offshore was manually read in the control room, typed in a spread sheet, and sent onshore for further processing. This meant ‘double punching’ of the same data by several people, and manual reading and typing. Also, the only results logged from the tests was start and end pressure, with no information on the pressure profile.


With WellMaster IMS already implemented, it was natural to explore how the application can be the bridge between onshore and offshore. In cooperation with Aker BP, ExproSoft developed a new valve testing module that reads pressure data automatically, ensuring correct results that are instantly available across the organization.

The test itself is logged by simply entering the start time for the test in WellMaster IMS. Data is then populated automatically through an interface to the data historian (e.g. OsiSOFT PI), and compared against dynamic (or fixed) acceptance criteria. In addition to storing the test results itself, WellMaster IMS visualizes the full pressure profile during the test, for documentation and further diagnostics.

Automatic Valve Test in WellMaster


This has simplified the day for the offshore operator, and improved the well integrity engineers’ confidence in the data quality.

  • Simplified the day for the offshore operator
  • Improved confidence in data quality
  • Closer collaboration between offshore and onshore

This has simplified the day for the offshore operator, and improved the well integrity engineers' confidence in the data quality.

Olaf H. Sissener

Well Integrity Engineer - Aker BP