ExproSoft has completed a JIP related to reliability of subsea BOPs in Norway.

Photo: National Oilwell Varco

ExproSoft has completed a Joint Industry Project (JIP) related to reliability of subsea BOPs (blow-out preventers) in Norway. The project was supported by Equinor, AkerBP, Lundin, Neptune Energy Norge, DNO North Sea, and Wellesley Petroleum.

The JIP analyzed data from wells spudded in Norwegian waters in the period 2016 – 2017. Primarily BOP failures, BOP testing, and well kick occurrences were analysed. The data was extracted from the daily drilling reports as reported to PSA Norway (Petroleumstilsynet), and structured and analyzed in ExproSoft’s proprietary systems.

The JIP was initiated in June 2018, and was complete in October 2019.

Main conclusion from the study are;

  • Subsea BOPs are more reliable today than before. BOP failures now occur less frequently, and failures are in average less serious.
  • Subsea BOP testing is today more efficient than it was before, and the average time used for BOP testing has been reduced.
  • Well kicks are much less frequent in Norwegian waters than in other areas of the world where kick frequency estimates are available.
  • The subsea BOP testing requirements are more comprehensive than needed. The detailed pressure testing of the individual preventers can in many cases be omitted.  
  • Failures of single BOP functions, or even a combination of BOP functions, will in many cases have an insignificant effect on the subsea BOP’s ability to act as a well barrier.
Posted on 26. Nov 2019
Last updated: 27. Nov 2019