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Global Data Sharing

Get access to a global data set of equipment reliability data in the same application as your own. WellMaster houses over 45,000 well years of data for downhole and X-mas tree components and subsea installed systems not related to the wells. The database contains data for 68 000 components with 6277 failures, from 353 Assets world-wide with 8000 wells and 263 subsea systems and equipment units, and it includes data for Offshore topside wells, subsea wells and land wells.

Through WellMaster, the operators partake in the world’s largest repository of well equipment experience data. The anonymized industry data is accessed alongside the operator’s own data, enabling like-for-like comparison and benchmarking of equipment performance. Reliability analytics can be conducted with an even greater certainty by including industry data, with applied filters to extract data comparable to the operator’s wells and in accordance with the objective and scope for running the analyses.

Global data sharing