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ISO 14224 Standard

ISO 14224 International Standard; Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries – Collection and exchange of reliability and maintenance data for equipment.

The ISO 14224 Standard (3rd edition published in September 2016) has become the main reference guide for the Industry regarding how to collect, organize and structure reliability and maintenance data for topside, well and subsea equipment and components. The Standard specifies and give recommendations for levels of taxonomy and boundaries on systems and equipment, on minimum required data to collect in order to be able to perform reliability analyses, and how to organize the data as a guide to structure and develop databases. It provides specific recommendations for the relevant data to collect for equipment, failures and maintenance. Further, it also specifies a set of Failure modes to be used for the Subunit and Component levels in the taxonomy hierarchy. The Standard also refers to other ISO standards on how to set up and perform the reliability analyses and calculations. The Appendix (informative) includes details on;

ISO 14224 International Standard; Petroleum and gas industries
  • Equipment-class attributes
  • Interpretation and notation of failure and maintenance parameters
  • Guide to interpretation and calculations of derived reliability and maintenance parameters
  • Typical requirements for data
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarking
  • Classification and definition of safety critical failures

The WellMaster RMS Database is being developed to be in line with the principles set forth in the Standard regarding taxonomy, systems and equipment levels, and the pre-defined failure modes for each Component type in the RMS data model are in accordance with the standard. This covers both well equipment, subsea equipment and also topside equipment (note that there are no data yet for topside/downstream systems and equipment in the RMS database).