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Corrosion/Erosion Prediction

Instantly assess the wall thickness loss for tubing and casing sections in your well portfolio. This is of increasing importance as wells mature, and WellMaster got you covered!

Corrosion and Erosion overview of select wells

As wells get older the tubing and casing see an increased risk in wall thickness loss through corrosion and erosion. As an operator you want to know how this develops in your well stock, which wells that have the shortest estimated remnant life, and act before a leak occurs and production is halted.

WellMaster supports this decision-making process by providing a complete overview of the well portfolio’s corrosion status, at what rate their tubing and casing is corroding/eroding, and the remnant life to be expected in current operational conditions.

Corrosion and Erosion details per well

The results are displayed in the application’s Wall Thickness Loss section, through extracted reports, or in custom real-time dashboards. Instantly available for drill-down into the data, the well’s corrosion and erosion trends can now be frequently assessed and accounted for in further well activities planning.