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Real-Time Dashboards & Reporting

Our real-time dashboards and reporting capabilities are all about supporting decision-making based on YOUR data. WellMaster provides an always up-to-date custom representation of well risk & well integrity KPIs.

Sample Dashboard: Operational Overview

Data is essentially useless if just stuck in a database and never reported on. That’s why WellMaster boasts both state-of-the-art real-time dashboards and a reporting engine. The result is an end-to-end solution that first ensures structured data collection, and in turn plays the data back to you in whatever form and level necessary to give you real data-driven answers.

Real-Time Dashboards for Data Visualization & Trending

WellMaster’s real-time dashboards are available for the whole organization to view up-to-date status and trends from well operations. This means that the dashboards are not only accessible at the end-users’ desk, but available everywhere the organization’s stakeholders are, in example control rooms, conference rooms, or on public information displays. The flexibility of the dashboards allows the operator to set up views of the data so that it is tailored to various roles in the organization and presents the data in a clear and understandable format.

Sample Dashboard: Well Maintenance

Example dashboards from our clients:

  • Operational Overview with Well Integrity & Barrier Status
  • Well Maintenance: Leak Test Trends & Events per Safety Critical Element
  • Annulus Management with Bleed-offs and Top-ups
  • Production Impact of Well Integrity Issues

Custom Reporting Engine

WellMaster’s reporting engine is a powerful way to play back data in custom Excel-based formats for easy hard-copy distribution or further data processing. Data is pulled to custom templates where it’s available both in raw format and visualized per user requirements.

Example reports include:

  • Weekly/Monthly Report for Status Meetings
  • Well Examination Reports
  • National Regulatory Reporting
  • RNNP Reporting (a requirement from Norwegian PSA (Ptil))