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System Integrations

WellMaster digitizes the well integrity management process through use of multiple system interfaces. Goodbye double-entry of data and human error, hello seamless workflow across teams and departments!

System integration is a wonderful way for highly specialized systems to work together. Whatever technology used – data lake, data hub, integration bus, database link, or others – the interfaces allow joint use of data and increase the value the data have for the company.

WellMaster is the operator’s single stop for all well integrity related inquiries. It keeps track of wells risk status, maintenance activities, barriers’ integrity status, and so much more. By connecting system interfaces, we allow WellMaster to:

Some system categories and use case examples include:

  • SCADA system – Pull in pressure rates, temperatures, and valve positions, and let WellMaster warn you when limits are breached (i.e. operational limits, MOP, MAWOP, or MAASP). Further show monitoring data near real-time and on historical trend charts.
  • Maintenance management – Let WellMaster gather in-flow tests and valve function test schedules from the maintenance system and use data in well maintenance reports. You can even report pressure tests automatically in WellMaster’s interface and push the test results back to the maintenance system as they are approved.
  • Production monitoring – Production rates and related data can elevate the well integrity management to new levels. WellMaster can utilize metrics such as gas to oil ratio (GOR), water cut, and H2S-level, and monitor these against operating limits and use the data in risk assessments, corrosion prediction, and reports & dashboards.