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Well Life Simulations

Conduct Monte Carlo simulations – in seconds!

WellMaster’s Well Life Simulator use Reliability Block Diagrams (RBD) to allow simulations of a wide range of well cases and scenarios. WellMaster provides both pre-defined well models and the equipment reliability data, thus minimizing the required level of input from the end-users.

This allows and iterative approach, where well cases may be simulated and compared using variations in failure rates, component selection, and maintenance data.

Example of a Basic Subsea well template model (Reliability Block Diagram with a Vertical Subsea X-mas tree components).

Examples below are of a RBD for a well model for the well barrier elements (WBE) only, with the safety critical failure modes (subsea well with a horizontal X-mas three valves). Primary (Blue) and secondary (Red) well barriers with the associated WBEs. For the failure of the PMV in the X-mas tree, the PWV and the XOV may temporarily act as back-up WBEs. Similar, for the failure of the AMV, the AWV, WOV and XV can be considered as possible back-up WBEs, but both these cases also require that a risk assessment has been performed, and that the valves can be periodically tested somehow.