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Predict Well Availability

Whether new or mature wells, WellMaster use reliability data to accurately simulate the availability for expected well life time.

WellMaster facilitates easy set-up of well completion models for well lifetime performance simulations, with component reliability data as the main input. This is based on pre-defined well template models that are modified by the user in accordance with the desired well model and scope for the simulations – all within the WellMaster user interface.

Well downtime (unavailability) in total and per year. In addition, P10, P50 and P90 values are also given.

New Wells

For new well developments, WellMaster apply industry data when forecasting the expected failures, downtime, and subsequent required maintenance actions/well interventions. Experience from client studies show a significant match between actual well performance and WellMaster simulations using industry data. This is made possible in part by WellMaster’s vast filtering capabilities that ensures equipment failure rates that are applicable to the expected well conditions.

Wells in Operation

Wells with a few years of operation have historical data collected that is extremely valuable in future availability predictions. Simulation accuracy is elevated as the failure data input now reflects the actual well/asset experience and operational conditions, including events unexpected in the well planning phase.

Well Downtime & Availability Results

The well life simulator provides the following results for each well simulation:

  • Average availability and Downtime (in percentage, years and days)
  • Contribution to the Downtime per Component
  • Availability per year
  • Downtime per year