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Field Development

WellMaster help operators optimize their well design with the most reliable and fit-for-purpose completion and X-tree equipment. The decision-making support is based on both historical data from the operator and the world’s largest set of industry data. WellMaster simulates the life of multiple well designs and provides answers as to which well design will cause the lowest OPEX over the planned field life.

Evaluate Technical Tenders

Instantly analyze and compare the reliability of vendors’ components and see their most common failure modes and failure causes. Compare failure rates and survival probability, and align technical evaluation with the required run-time for components.

Estimate Intervention Requirements

Conduct life time simulation of the wells and determine the type and timing of equipment failures. Use as input to maintenance planning in order to minimize NPT due to corrective maintenance.

Benchmark Well Designs

Simulate and compare multiple well designs within minutes, and immediately identify how they stack up in terms of system reliability, downtime drivers, and lifetime OPEX.